Thursday, 26 June 2014

Project Update.

 A quick update on my wargaming project's. I know long time no blog.

Somewhere in Spain (Napoleonic) 

A game somewhere in Spain is a napoleon game set in Spain a semi-fictional campaign. Will focus on the last remnant of the Spanish army around 1809-1810 trying to halt the french advance south, whilst the British and Portuguese race to the rescue. most of the french unit's will be made up of allied unit's (Swiss, German, Polish, Irish , ETC) who were in Spain at the time. (will be a bit tongue in check and a what could have happened rather than a what did happen.)

Franco- Templar war (Medieval) 

Another what if, it is the 13 October 1307 and the Templar order had become aware of the plot against it. Messengers are flying across Europe as banners are unveiled and line are drawn as the largest armed force in Europe goes to war.    

Eulion Civil war (African Imagination)

A civil war in an Imagination in Africa in the 1950's/1960's between government forces backed by the UN and a group of rebel generals.

New Cimmeria (Science fiction game)

New Cimmeria is a Corporation owned world, where the miners have nearly thrown of the cooperate overloads, but are now engaged in a battle with a coalition force from the NUN (New united nations).

Mexico-Egypt war (VSF) 

A Victorian science fiction game where the army's of the republic of Mexico clash with the Khedivate of Egypt on the red planet.

VBCW (Inter-War)  (currently on hold) 

Various interlocking projects for an era I really use to like.

Estonian war of Independence (Inter-war) 

Currently in a research stage but hopefully something for the future.

WW2 Lend lease vs Das Reich. 15mm

A world war two game where a USSR Lend lease battalion clashes with the Das Reich. It's Shermans vs T-34's.

Winter war. 

My baker company Kickstater rewards.

United nations Uruguay peacekeepers

A united nations peacekeeper force from the Uruguay Army.

Medival/Crusade Holy roman empire army. 

For the game of stones campaign I'm part of for Oldham wargames. An army from the holy roman empire to be used in medieval and Crusader battles.

The second great Northern war.  

A fictional war set in the 1930's where war brakes out in Scandinavia and the baltic.

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