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Background for New Cimmeria

New Cimmeria a rock the size of Jupiter it’s only really value the minerals buried deep within its crust. The planet was first located by Barova Industrial Unlimited. The planet was purchased by a consortium of corporations five years later.
The capital Kothar quickly grew as the corporations set up production facilities around there compounds. It was 15 years into the colonizing that Vilmurium was discovered in such huge quantities that New Cimmeria became the provider of up to 20% of all star ship fuel, an additional Eight cooperation bought into the consortium as rush of people seeking work in the mines, the population grew to over twenty three million.
The planet went through all four colonization stages with ease; tow report began to drift through about the conditions of the population. The cooperation had the planet rigged so most of the population were in similar cycle to their ancestors in Victorian Britain, with the cooperation’s running everything from the food to the police force.

However there was always room for more as the population began to out strip the already shoddy housing capacity and huge slums and illegal settlements began to spring up around planet. The unions were one of the few origination the cooperation’s didn't control at least officially. 

Soon strikes began to break out which were brutally put down to the corporations security forces. It was at one of these strikes at Electronica Advancements controlled Pit N4 were the rebellion began. As security broke up the strike, an officer was stuck in the head and was killed, other officer opened fire into the crowd killing various strikers. Soon fire was returned from within the crowd by armed miners.   

Soon the firing turned into a full blown riot as the security officers lost control of the district. This acted as a smart to the tinder as riot broke out across the planet. Soon armories meant to hold weapons for planter defense were stormed and the rebellious inhabitants raised the red flag over large areas of the planet.     
The unions quickly organised into the NCLU (New Cimmeria Liberation union) and declared the planet independent. The groups maintained over all but not total control of the now armed miners who made up the bulk of the NCLU soon they controlled 75% of the planet and had pushed the cooperation’s back to the planet space dock.   

It was then Ace first came to the attention of authorizes, wanted by multiple nations for leading find multiple resistance groups on various world with a current bounty of 12 billion dollars, Ace emerged on New Cimmeria leading a groups soon designated the Iron Guard due to their use of deep mining gear as improvised power armorer. Ace now appears to be leading a hard-line group bent on spreading the revolution across the galaxy.   

The NUN (New United Nations) was asked by a number of cooperation’s to help removing the terrorist as the NCLU was quickly designated.  They were at first reluctant to get the cooperation’s out of a mess they created but money talked, plus the increasing price of star ship fuel and soon a humanitarian force was inbound.

Back on New Cimmeria anyone who worked for the cooperation’s and wasn’t inside the space dock was now on the run with a number of horror stories were leaking out. The first NUN forces deployed were a number of black ops teams.     
The mission was to neutralise the planet anti ships guns which were now in ‘’terrorist’’ hands. The first Mission carried out by the British SAS was a complete susses. The second carried out by the Scottish and Eulion SAS encountered more residence but successfully carried out their mission. The third team made up of Delta force were discovered in their layup position.  The team were swarmed, over run and killed to a man.

The order was past for no ship to entire orbit but the order failed to reach the Japanese Droid carrier JDS Ishirō Honda which became the first main NUN casualty of the war. With the last gun still operational the NUN force had to be ferried to the planet in smaller craft and was unable to call upon fire support from the fleet.

The first troops deployed were the 86th regiment USMC, troops from the Kings regiment, Black watch regiment of Scotland and Indian 24th paratrooper regiment. The troops began securing the area around the space dock. This was going well until the events at cross roads 4-1 were two USMC private were captured. The forces were thrown into greater confusion when General Brendon Ryen was sent home after sustaining an injury. In a totally none related matter all the relaxation droid were removed and sent for debugging. This led Lieutenant General Samantha carter in temporary charge of the increasingly deteriorating situation. NUN force have found the task difficult as the amount if illegal mining and building meant just getting from A to B or clearing building was proving extremely difficult, plus the security officers of the cooperation’s were proving a less than useful assistant. As well as reports of ------------------classified -------------------------   being engaged by Special Forces.  

The NCLU is finding its own problems with a lack of anything to match the NUN armour and a diversity of its troops from well trained and led militia groups to nothing more than armed mobs. The political infighting was also causing problems as the iron guard continued to operate as an almost independent factions. Certain groups also became looking elsewhere for supplies and the NUN is investigating reports that North Korean and Venezuela advisers have been sighted training elements of the NCLU.      

NUN Factions.
Republic of South Korea
Eulion (Umi African nation)
Imperial Russian republic.

New Cimmeria army.
NCLU Militia
Iron Guard
North Korea.
People republic of Russia.


xenomorphic species three.  

Will post more of the history of this time line soon. 

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